The Price Is Right and Childhood Summers

What was your typical summer day like as a child?  Mine was great! Usually, it started out with early, early swimming lessons in frigid cold water and I can easily recall the anticipation of walking toward the pool and wondering what would happen during that day’s lesson.  Would today be the day we would be forced to walk the plank, I mean, dive off the HIGH dive?

The rest of the day would be spent keeping myself busy at home, watching game shows and soaps with my mom, reading books from the library across the street, walking uptown after a Dr. Pepper and the most recent issue of Cosmo.

Cosmo? Why? Who knows.

I do remember watching The Price Is Right. Did you know it’s on again and now Drew Carey is the host?  I really enjoy watching it in prime time.  What does that mean?  Am I really getting that old?  Who cares – I think it’s the sincerity Drew puts forth.  He seems to really enjoy what he does and he often has some hilarious adlibs.  Best of all, he is always genuinely happy or sad for the winners and losers.

Ah, summer days.