Spring 2010 – Savannah and A Wedding

Yes, it’s been a long time since an update to uden.org, so here are a couple. We had a great spring trip to the southeast part of the US, specifically Savannah and Charleston. If you are on Facebook, Ryann has posted some great pictures here.

We also celebrated the wedding of Ryann’s brother in Minnesota. We even helped put up a tent and did a little shooting. A few pictures are posted, with more coming later.

Dining Room

In our ongoing quest to upgrade our house, we are having our dining room remodeled. Ryann has documented the progression on her Facebook page. The pictures are publicly viewable (you don’t need a Facebook account). They are posted here.

Bathroom Project

We are very excited. Our main bathroom is being remodeled. Follow day to day status on Ryann’s Facebook page.

Of course we have had our series of glitches. Ever have the feeling all those city building codes were written specifically for your house?

Update: The project is done! We like it!