Happy Independence Day 2008!

Independence Day is one of my two favorite holidays of the year (the other being Thanksgiving). Both holidays are somewhat unique to the USA, and a trip or two outside of the US makes you appreciate these holidays even more.

Both holidays focus on five important F’s. For the 4th of July, those are:

  • Food
  • Fireworks
  • Freedoms
  • Family
  • Friends

[As a side note, Thanksgiving substitutes “Football” and “Forefathers” for the second and third F’s.]

Sure, the big Christian Holidays (Christmas & Easter) are nice, but they bring along the baggage of gifts, over-commercialization, or are not as broadly recognized (many do not get Good Friday off in the US). In contrast, Independence Day is simple, fun, and can be celebrated in many ways…from a gathering of friends and BBQ, to a festival, to a parade, or simply watching the Boston Pops and fireworks on TV.

Speaking of parades, we have one parade down (Barrington), and one parade to go (Palatine). If you happen to be watching this parade on Saturday and see a bunch of old band fossils walking around, don’t be too critical of our lines or intonation. 🙂

Happy Independence Day to all!