Facebook, LinkedIn, Dogster, oh my

This summer I made the jump into the wild world of social networking websites. Some friends wanted to share a few pictures and had them hosted on Facebook, so I jumped in and set up an account. I tended to avoid such sites as I was afraid of getting sucked into a “high time involvement” activity.

On the plus side, I have already connected with a number of old friends I haven’t spoken with in some time. It is a lot of fun to see who you can find there and interact with friends. On the downside, I can definitely see how it can consume lots of time on the computer. Being an IT professional and geek, I’m not sure I need something to keep me on the computer longer. 🙂

The amazing thing is the number of social network sites available. Clete even has a login on Dogster!

On a slightly related note, we are taking a small trip to visit the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Looking forward to visiting it.