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Favorite Podcasts

As part of my daily routine, I am often physically active and do not have a lot of time to sit down and read news, magazines, and the like. I’ve discovered podcasts to be a great way to consume news and information while on the move.

You will notice a strong bias to NPR, especially from WBEZ and WNYC, a handful of faith-based podcasts, and a handful of techno-geek podcasts.

Here is a list of my current favorites.

Halloween 2016

We’re in a new location this year, so we have no historical data. We’ve also added a toddler of our  own and a manual handheld people counter to the mix. The neighbors say the candy count can get high in these parts.

Halloween 2014

I enjoy Halloween and seeing all the trick or treaters come to the house in their costumes. Being a geek, I also like to track the numbers, as it helps me plan candy purchases in the future.

I’m tracking our treaters in real time. You can see the metrics on the graph below. I define “hoodlums” as kids who don’t dress up and are just out for the candy. I give them candy, viewing it mostly as a bribe, so they don’t egg my house  later.


Miracles do happen

Ryann and I were blessed with a new child through adoption in late September!  Our prayers have been answered and we are very lucky.  We won’t be posting lots of pictures in public forums due to privacy concerns (ask Stacy about this if interested), but you will see a few pictures on our Facebook ID’s.

Clete is handling the new addition well.  He loves all the new smells and has become very protective and nurturing.  When the little “muon” is crying, he’ll walk up and give his head a lick.

We’ve been humbled and overwhelmed by the generous and loving response.  Thanks to all our family & friends for your support.

New Websites!

Hello world! After a number of years using Drupal for this page, I decided it was time for a change.  Drupal is a great CMS framework, terrific if you need lots of powerful features, and flexible if you are a web developer.  For us, this is overkill and introduces a lot of complexity, so I migrated the site to WordPress.  This will make site maintenance and content updates a lot easier to manage.

Besides an updated, Ryann and I also have two new websites! Ryann and her friend Lynne  started a new blog about great books.  Check out

Our community marching band continues to perform at Independence Day parades, and I decided we needed a place to show off our pictures & videos, and keep our fans updated.  The new Palatine Area Community Marching Band website is at

Anxiously Waiting

Big news in our lives. We are officially on the waiting list to be adoptive parents! We are going through the Cradle in Evanston, and you can see our online profile here. The Cradle is a first class operation, and we would recommend them.

Independence Day 2011

Another year, another great performance by the Palatine Area Community Marching Band (PACMB).

A great video is available on YouTube.

We even won 1st place in the music category for the parade! And, a generous donor has provided funds so we can buy new drums for our next performance! Yay!!